Our connection with God defines our lives. He is a God of relationship. God created us to have relationship with Him and one another, and said in Genesis that it was very good. But as we all have experienced, relationships can also be challenging. This series will cover:

  • Our highest level of fulfillment comes when we live as friends with God; He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.
  • Healthy friendship empower the body of Christ to be its best.
  • We may experience pain from family and friends, but Jesus heals and helps us.
  • Simple steps Simple steps to help your relationships “have the right ingredients.”

Renewing the Mind 2.0

We all want to change in certain areas of our lives. At times we feel pressured and even condemned about it. In Renewing the Mind 2.0, you will find God’s amazing grace that helps you experience change but never forces or condemns you for it.

Renewing the Mind 2.0 is a powerful yet practical message of change and renewal through God’s grace. You will be encouraged to new life as you walk with Pastors Casey and Wendy on this journey that has the potential to affect every area of your life. Pastor Treat’s personal story of change will inspire you to go for it and his practical approach to Biblical truths will empower you. God is looking for a way into your life to bring you to new and better things. This book will make that relationship happen and that renewal come to pass.