Child Dedication


This is an opportunity to formally commit to the intention of raising a child up to know Jesus and following His teachings. On this day you, your child, and family will stand in front of the congregation to pray over the children and their future. We are excited to share this special moment with you [...]

Child Dedication2019-09-30T16:14:04-08:00

Disney Weekend


Dress up and join us for our magical Disney Weekend! Don’t forget to invite a friend because there will be a very special free gift for all!

Disney Weekend2018-02-20T15:29:06-08:00

Easter Sun(dae)


This year the Children’s Ministry in Federal Way and Mill Creek will be celebrating Easter with an ice cream sundae party during services! The peninsula campus will be having an Easter egg hunt during their service. We can’t wait for you to join us for our Easter festivities! Easter Sunday April 1st at 9:00 am, [...]

Easter Sun(dae)2018-03-15T16:13:32-08:00

Kidz Water Baptism


We will be handing out the sign-up forms during KidZone services the week before after an informational Baptism lesson. For more information or to sign up earlier, please contact Sanri at

Kidz Water Baptism2018-01-31T17:00:10-08:00